App and Account Management

Add collaborators, manage your apps, and explore billing details.

Account Management

Changing your email address

GitHub-connected account

If you signed up with GitHub and don’t have a password, your Skylight email address will automatically default to your GitHub email address. If you want to change it, first be sure the alternate email address has been added to your GitHub account. Then, head over to your account settings page and click the link next to your GitHub username, like so:

Email-connected account

If you have an email and password (even if your account is also connected to GitHub), you can change your email address on your account settings page

Deleting your account

We’re sorry to see you go! We’re working on getting this into the UI, but until then: if you wish to delete your account, we recommend that you first remove the Skylight gem from your apps to prevent any further charges. Then, send us an email at from the email you used to set up your Skylight account, and we’ll delete your account.

App Management

Sharing an app with others

If you’re the app owner, you can share an app with multiple people at once on your app’s settings page using GitHub. Anyone with access to the app can add new collaborators using email addresses, also on your app’s settings page. You can add unlimited users/collaborators to your app.

Note that invites are currently app-specific only. If you want to grant access to multiple apps, repeat the steps below on the settings page of each app.

Add multiple users through GitHub

Chances are, the people who need access to an app on Skylight will be the same people working on that app and pushing code to GitHub. With Skylight’s GitHub integration you can give access to all those people in just a few clicks!

You can read more about this feature here and its development here.

If you are the owner of the app on Skylight and logged in via GitHub, navigate to your app’s settings page.

  1. Click on the field marked “Search or select an organization” and choose the organization that owns the app you’re looking for (it must be an organization repo).
  2. Click on the field marked “Search or select a repository” and choose the repo you wish to connect to GitHub.
  3. Select your desired privacy settings. You can choose to give access to admin users only, or to all GitHub users with access to the repo.
  4. Click “Connect” and you’re done!

Once your Skylight app is connected to a GitHub repo, anyone with access to that repo can just log into Skylight with GitHub, and they will be automatically connected! Easy!

Removing or changing a repo already connected to a Skylight app

It’s pretty similar to the process for adding a repo to an app:

  1. Click on “disconnect.” If you only want to remove the repo, you’re done!
  2. If you want to replace it with a different repo, just follow the steps above for adding a repo.

Add users by email

adding collaborators

The user you invite will receive an invitation via email. If they don’t yet have a Skylight account, that email invite will include a link to sign up. Once they complete the steps, they’ll see the app inside their account.

Transferring an app to another account

Contact us via the in-app messenger to request a transfer.

Deleting an app

Only app owners can delete apps. To do so, visit the settings page and find the app you’d like to delete listed in the left sidebar. Click on the app name to visit the settings page for that app. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the link that says “Delete this application…”

Deletions are permanent, so make absolutely sure you don’t need the app anymore before deleting it!

Removing yourself from a shared app

A shared app is simply an app you have access to but do not own. You can remove yourself from a shared app, if need be. This might be good if you have many shared apps and one of them is no longer relevant to you.

To remove yourself from an app, visit the settings page and find the app listed in the left sidebar. Click on the app name to visit the settings page for that app. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the link that says “Remove myself from this application…”



Skylight pricing is based on the total number of requests per month across all of the apps that you own. If you are a collaborator on a shared app (and not the owner), you will not be charged for that app’s request usage. A request is considered to be any HTTP request that’s handled by a Rails (or other framework’s) server. Any SQL queries that are initiated as part of a request, for example, are considered to be part of that request and won’t be counted separately.

Skylight is free up to the first 100,000 requests. After that, pricing starts at $20 per million requests handled, and continues according to the schedule on our pricing page. (The max tier is subject to a soft limit on the number of apps. Don’t go too crazy!) As you can also see, the more you need, the lower your cost per million; built-in bulk discounting.

You can use this calculator to determine what your monthly price would be for a given request volume. Need more than 1 billion requests? Contact us for volume pricing.

To be clear: no plans, nothing to choose. Skylight will automatically discount additional requests for you. We’re fond of simplicity.

Billing Details

The billing page gives you an overview of your current billing status.

Screenshot of current billing status

At the top, we present the current billing period, including your total requests and price so far, along with a graph of your daily usage. Hovering over a specific bar in the usage chart will give you the specific number of requests each day.

Below that we show your current billing tier. See the pricing page for more information on tiers.

If you have multiple apps, we then show you how your usage breaks down across all of your apps.

Screenshot of usage per app

The UI does not currently support viewing historical usage. If you need details about past billing cycles, please contact us via the in-app messenger with your request.


Skylight users can earn rewards for referring their friends. We’ll give everyone you refer a $50 credit, and you’ll receive a $50 credit as soon as they become a paying customer. And yes, the $50 is in addition to the free 30 day trial they also get. Best of both worlds.

To refer a friend, head over to your referrals page to retrieve your unique referral URL. You can also see stats on your sharing (clicks, sign ups, etc.) as well as your total credit earned.