Free & public performance
reporting for open source apps

The Skylight for Open Source program makes it easy to share performance data with your contributors. It’s free to use and packed with features to help open source communities find potential improvements within their Ruby and Rails apps.

Explore some open source apps using Skylight:

Provides a free full stack coding curriculum for students around the world.

Discover the easiest way to get started contributing to Open Source.

A tool to help instructors and students share knowledge & track contributions.

Helps developers take back control of their GitHub notifications.

A sharing and comparison tool for video game speedrunners.

A community app for musicians which provides non-commercial mp3 hosting.

An app that supports global collaboration for food system transformation.

A community-based publishing platform to help publishers share author research.

An app built to empower people in managing their Time Banks.

A tool to help faciliate student-led computer science clubs in high schools.

An app for coordinating and managing hackathons in the RIT community.

A library catalog for the collections of the Temple University library.

A tool for publishing and monitoring events and conferences in Russia.

A flight analysis and competition scoring tool for skydivers and basejumpers.

A web-based tool for collecting, analyzing, and sharing spectral analysis data.

A tool for athletes to track endurance events that support charitable organizations.

An event management tool for the open source LinuxFest Northwest conference.

An app dedicated to helping military veterans launch their software careers.

Refer to our guidelines to see if your app qualifies.

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