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True Response Times

Skylight reports 95th percentile response times everywhere, giving you an accurate sense of what your customers are experiencing. It's performance data grounded in reality, not wishful thinking.

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Big Picture

You know your app is running slowly in production—but where is it actually spending all that time? Big Picture shows you where your app is getting bogged down, on a beautiful visual graph that makes bottlenecks immediately obvious.

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Every request, Skylight analyzes how your app is spending its time. When it detects common mistakes that make apps slower, Skylight will mark that endpoint with a Heads-Up, letting you know where the low-hanging fruit is.

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Featherweight Agent

Skylight's agent runs unobtrusively in the background, sipping rather than guzzling memory and CPU. So not only do you get better quality data, you get it without paying a performance penalty.

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