Skylight is a smart profiler data detective code sherpa bug catcher flag raiser for rails apps


Get answers
from your data.

Don’t guess why your app is slow. Skylight tells you exactly how your app is spending its time where it matters most—in your production environment.

Skylight is a smart profiler for your Rails apps that visualizes request performance across all of your servers. It feels a little bit like magic.


Detect problems before they're problems.

Skylight looks at how your code is behaving in production, alerting you to improvements you can make before they become showstoppers.

N plus one screenshot

Pay for what you use.

Every month, we calculate the peak Requests Per Minute (RPM) handled by all of your apps running Skylight. Your first 10 RPM are free, and each additional 50 RPM is just $20.

Up to peak
145 RPM
You’d pay

Experience Awesome UI.

Skylight's UI uses cutting edge technologies like Ember.js and D3. When you click on a data point in Skylight, you can really feel the difference. It’s snappy, responsive and, well, fun. (It has nothing to do with the hamster illustrated here; we just like hamsters.)

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